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1. Startupcity València

In this channel you could discover the amazing city and ecosystem of València.

Valencia is a city at the vanguard, a city with a million of inhabitants, in an idyllic location in the Mediterranean. A place where tradition and innovation go together.

Nowadays, we have more than five hundred startups based in our city, a technological institutes network, and two of the main European public universities. Moreover, we have some of the top Spanish accelerators and incubators and a positive environment to invest.

We are convinced that present and the future should be sustainable and in this direction we are intensely working on.

2. Why València

Valencia’s councilwoman of Economic Innovation speech. Pilar Bernabé Deputy director of Entrepreneurship of València Activa speech. Javier Mateo:

3. Startupcity València

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4. València, a sustainable city

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